Splendid Stitches are proud to announce our brand repair partnership with Palava, the British lifestyle brand known and loved for their bright and colourful prints and excellent sustainable practices.

The partnership has launched under the name ‘The Palava Repair Workshop’ and allows Palava’s customers to book clothing repairs through the Palava website. The objective is to help make repairs to treasured pieces more accessible, and addresses the long term maintenance and repairs of customers’ items.

Splendid Stitches will provide the assessment and physical repairs of garments on behalf of Palava.

This new repair service promises to be only the beginning of a wider repair ethos at Palava, who wish to engage their customers in the longer term care of clothing. Wider mending activities and in-person workshops in the Palava shop in London’s King’s Cross also in the works.

This partnership brings together two sustainability focused businesses aiming to prolong the useful lifespan of clothing, and as Palava’s items are already produced with longevity in mind, adding this extra service for their already sustainability-aware customer base is a natural progression for the evolvement for both Palava and Splendid Stitches.

Sustainability and circularity at the core of both businesses

Palava has a long history of transparent supplier and factory relationships and is a pioneer in sustainable and circular sourcing practices.

Splendid Stitches are well known in London’s vintage and sustainable fashion circles as the experts in vintage clothing repairs and have been providing repairs and alterations for over a decade.

We are delighted to bring our extensive knowledge and systems to Palava to make repairs easy and more accessible, and bring the joy of repairs to a wider audience.