Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of repairs do you undertake?

All sorts of clothing repairs include but are not limited to:

  • Split seams, including our seam-reinforcement service which checks over your garment and reinforces fragile and/or split seams at all stress points
  • Mending and patching rips, tears and holes
  • Securing or replacing closures and fasteners (buttons, snaps, hook/eyes)
  • Zip replacements or insertions, plus changing to longer zips for comfort
  • Replacing loose or broken elastic, including shirring
  • Simple alterations such as lowering necklines, shortening or restyling sleeves, adjusting skirt hem lengths and trouser lengths
  • Reworks such as changing a dress to a skirt. For reworks, we always endeavour to stay as true to the spirit of the original piece as possible, but make it wearable too
  • Re-linings incl. mending linings, part relining (eg. sleeves only) or full relines
  • We can also add linings where none was before, whether for comfort or preservation

Do you offer alterations as well as repairs?

We are not accepting alterations that require a fitting. If you need a fitting eg to have measurements taken or let garments in or out, we recommend the reinvention service at Atelier Tammam on reinvention@tammam.co.uk

We accept alterations that you have measured and pinned yourself, eg skirt hems and trousers, but do not accept liability if you deem the returned and completed item too short/too long.

Is there anything you cannot repair?

We do not accept fur, leather or suede as these all require specialist equipment which a furrier or leather specialist will have access to.

We do not repair handbags, purses or shoes, a cobbler will be better able to assist you here.

Occasionally, if an item is not salvageable or impossible to repair, we will tell you and offer an alternative solution to keep your item in circulation.

We do not offer invisible mending

Do you dry clean or wash items?

Splendid Stitches cannot wash or clean your items, please contact a capable dry cleaner for cleaning advice. Your items must be clean for us to work on them. Any items deemed soiled or dirty will be returned to you at your expense.

For vintage dry cleaning, we recommend Upstage Theatrical Drycleaners, the market leader for vintage and theatrical drycleaning in the UK. Based in Bounds Green, North London, just off the North Circular, they can be contacted on 0207 609 9119.

Do you work on vintage wedding dresses?

We still believe the most sustainable wedding dress is a family heirloom or vintage dress, and are delighted to have helped hundreds of brides over the years restoring their dress and obtaining the perfect fit before their big day.

However, we are no longer offering bridal services, but warmly recommend Atelier Tammam whom we shared our studio with for over a decade. They can be contacted on: reinvention@tammam.co.uk