Splendid Stitches are proud to announce our brand repair partnership with Laura von Behr vintage, launching today under the name The Laura von Behr Repair Promise.

This partnership provides a facility for Laura’s customers to get any item they have ever bought from her repaired by Splendid Stitches by simply sending a message through the Laura von Behr website, helping to make repairs to treasured pieces more accessible. 

This new service builds on the existing relationship between Laura von Behr vintage and Splendid Stitches, who have worked together on an ad-hoc basis since 2020, and addresses the long term maintenance and repairs of customers’ items.

Ensuring longevity

Laura von Behr said: “My dresses are meant to be worn and loved, and when you buy a vintage dress from me you can rest assured your item has been cleaned, repaired and made ready for a new lease of life before it reaches the studio. 

However, as with any clothes, when they are worn, washed and lived in, sometimes things may go wrong: a zip might break or a seam may split. This is why I am proud to partner with independent repairs specialists Splendid Stitches offering my repair guarantee, meaning that if any item bought from me should accidentally break, you just send me an email with the details, and we help you getting it repaired.”

The service provides Laura von Behr’s customers with the reassurance that items bought from her are meant to last and be worn for a long time, and can be mended should anything go wrong over the years of wearing the garments, but the key driver for introducing the service is that a large part of Laura’s customer base are new to vintage, but keen to try it for environmental and sustainable reasons. They are attracted to Laura’s wearable and fashion-forward selection of quality vintage dresses, and therefore offering a repair service further strengthens the credentials of buying, wearing, and repairing vintage as the ultimate sustainable fashion purchase. 

About Splendid Stitches

Splendid Stitches are well known in London’s vintage and sustainable fashion circles as the experts in vintage clothing repairs and have been providing repairs and alterations for over a decade. We are bringing our extensive knowledge and systems to Laura von Behr to make repairs easy and more accessible.