Splendid Stitches announced as a Partner Signatory to Textiles 2030

September 2023

Splendid Stitches are thrilled to announce we are now a Partner of Textiles 2030, WRAP’s pioneering and ambitious voluntary agreement designed to limit the impact clothes and home textiles have on climate change, in line with the Paris Agreement and the UN Fashion Industry Charter for Climate Action.

Using our unique knowledge of Circular Business Models in the Repairs space, Splendid Stitches will support Textiles 2030 and its 130 signatories to reach the ambitious 2030 goals for the UK textiles industry in line with a 1.5°C UN trajectory to reduce climate change:

  • Reducing the overall carbon footprint of new textiles products by 50%
  • Reducing the overall water footprint of new textile products by 30%
  • Collaborating with industry to achieve the Textiles 2030 Circularity Roadmap ambitions

As a Partner Signatory, Splendid Stitches will pursue a joint circularity leadership agenda, following Textiles 2030’s Circularity Roadmap and collaborate with others across the textiles industry to transform the sector. The roadmap will ensure products are made to be recyclable, more products are acquired for re-use and more circular raw materials than linear raw materials is in new products.

We particularly look forward to working with WRAP and the other Signatories to utilise our expertise in the Repair Economy to design and implement sustainable Circular Business Models to transform the way clothing is consumed in the UK.

www.wrap.org.uk/textiles2030 #textiles2030 #circularfashion #sustainablefashion