We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and very high standards of work, and are delighted that many of our clients return time and again.

Here are just a few examples of what people have to say about our work:

Rowan, March 2019, repairs of two 1950s dresses, sent via our postal service: The dresses arrived yesterday and I am so very pleased! I now have two dresses that are completely wearable and should last another few years. I think the navy thread has matched the fabric so well that the mended tear will be completely unnoticeable and how you have repaired the green one in amazing!! Thank you very much indeed. In the not too distant future I have a 40s/50s skirt suit which will need a bit of work done on the skirt, so I’ll definitely be in touch again.

Justin: February 2019, repairs and relining of 1970s ‘George Best’ coat:
I am absolutely delighted with the work you’ve done!! The lining looks magnificent, absolutely stunning, and I’m really chuffed with the colour.  I quite liked the old colour but it was quite understated and this one really brings it to life and makes it look really something quite special.  And comparing them side by side makes the old one look quite dull in fact.
And just as importantly, it feels absolutely amazing to wear!  I suppose I’d got used to it’s previous state of disrepair with the lining hanging off in places since I’d had it, but it really feels quite luxurious and I know I can wear it with confidence and not keep it hidden away to avoid further damage. Thank you so much for all your work and for bringing ‘George Best’ back to life 🙂 
Many thanks

Maeve, January 2018, married summer 2017: Just a note to say thank you so much for the wedding dress alteration. The service was great and you made the whole process easy and stress-free. You’re a talented, professional seamstress and it showed in the work you did. The advice and tailoring was perfect and I felt so comfortable in the dress. 

Danielle, November 2016: Hi Nanna – just a quick note to say thank you so much for mending my jacket. I am wearing it today and it looks like new! I really admire your business – it is so great that you give beautiful, good quality old clothes new life!

Juliet Copperman gown

Juliet (pictured left in dress we reworked from tea dress to evening gown), October 2014: Here is a picture of me in my dress last Friday! Thanks again for your amazing work! 

Liz Tregenza, February 2014: Thank you so much for the wonderful repairs you did on all of my pieces. Fantastic as ever! I am sure I will have more pieces for you again soon

Emma, May 2013 (mail order repair): Received the blouse yesterday – absolutely lovely, thank you very much!

Theresa, January 2013: Just to let you know I received the jacket and dress promptly and was delighted with the results. The vintage jacket re-lining is lovely; you found a perfect colour! So, thank you very much.

Natalja, October 2012: I have tried the skirt on and it fits very well yet is very comfy to walk in, so thank you very much for such a brilliant job! I’ll definitely see you again!

Noemi, September 2012: Just to let you know that the dress is now perfect! Now I look forward to wear it at the opera in Italy and hopefully, in other occasions as it looks really nice

Sue, March 2012: I’m absolutely delighted with your alterations to my suit and dress. You’ve transformed them both into lovely garments I’m really eager to wear. Thanks ever so much for your magic touch and incredible skill.




All colour pictures on website by Angelina South, B&W by Alexandra. All Atelier and Gallery pictures by Splendid Stitches and Atelier Tammam. Bridal and testimonial images used with permission.