1960s vintage wedding dress repairs

Angela’s 1960s dress needed cleaning and letting out at the top, especially as it has a zip which was rusted stuck. It also needed the hem straightened as it had previously been shortened quite badly.

1970s does 1940s vintage wedding dress sleeve alterations

Anna’s wedding was in the summer, but she had fallen for a long sleeved dress, so asked if we could shorten the sleeves. We suggested keeping the design in keeping with the belt sash, and used a matching satin band for edging on the new cap sleeves.

1950s vintage wedding dress let out with panels

This was a very small 1950s wedding dress with an extremely small waist and needed letting out more than the seam allowance would enable. We added panels to the sides and sleeves and let out the gathered skirt to the new waist circumference.

1950s ensemble of dress and bolero

An ensemble consisting of a sleeveless dress and matching bolero needed a few simple alterations to open up the neckline of the dress, which we did by inserting some darts. The bolero needed the sleeves tidied up and lengthened, resolved with attaching a silk band trim matching the existing trim on the jacket hem.

Vintage lace wedding dress back redesign

Arwen’s wedding dress had a back she wasn’t keen on and a elastic hem at the back she wanted to conceal. She preferred a halterneck, and we managed to reuse the existing straps for a halterneck, and the lace back pieces to create a detachable ‘flounce’ for the low back seam concealment.

1950s lace wedding dress alterations and restorations

This wedding dress came to us needing some shape and a refresh: the neckline was straight and we rounded it for a more feminine finish. The shoulder straps and back ties were stiff and too short, so were replaced with blush satin band. The skirt shape was very straight and we altered it to […]

1950s vintage wedding dress shortening

Often wedding dresses come to us needing a lot of things doing: this was no exception with side alterations, re-stitching on of the rose, and a new zip all on the list of necessities. However, shortening the 4 skirt layers were what made the biggest impact. We shortened each layer seperately to increase the […]

1930s sequin blush wedding dress alterations

This beautiful dress was to be a wedding dress but needed careful letting out around the waist, and the hem tidied up as it was very uneven.