Yellow flowers cotton skirt to sun dress

Our client loved the fabric but did not like the style of the skirt, and asked if we could convert into a sun dress. A few fitting consultations later, we had a cute sweetheart neckline finished with bias, a side zip and gathered skirt.

Vintage Jaeger dress turned into skirt

This cotton dress by Jaeger┬ádid not fit our client on top, and she asked if we could make it into a skirt. The alteration itself was quite simple due to the original wrap-around construction of the dress, but we still had to make a few minor adjustments to ensure the skirt sat well, especially […]

1950s green lace skirt waistband replacement

Deborah’s beautiful 1950s lace skirt had a 26″ waistband, and she wanted us to extend it. As the original lace waistband could not be extended, we suggested replacing with a new waistband, and settled on a matching green wide grosgrain ribbon. Undoing a few of the existing darts, we extended the skirt to her […]

Equestrian skirt waist widening with bias

Adeline had a great novelty print skirt, but the waist was 24 inches. We removed the waistband and had to shorten slightly from the top to achieve a larger circumference, and finished the new waist with bias binding for a neat finish.

1950s vintage skirt relining

This 1950s skirt suffered a common problem, as the original lining fabric had deteriorated with age. We carefully removed and replaced it, taking extra care around the pleats and ensuring the new lining was pleated too to boost the skirt’s intended fullness as much as possible.

1950s Chinese silk skirt waistband removal

1950s Chinese silk skirt with very small waistband needed shortening too, so we removed the waistband to increase the waist and shortened from the top, working with the already existing darts.

1940s vintage skirt waistband removal

This 1940s skirt had a narrow and rigid petersham waistband, which was coming loose in places. To increase the waist, we removed it altogether, and finished the top of the skirt with a row of topstitching.