Collar on 1940s crepe repair

This stunning dress was a mail-order repair where we were sent the dress and did all correspondence over email and phone. The chiffon collar was in a sorry state and needed replacing. Unpicking the existing bias, we matched up the original pattern of the collar which the bias edging was reattached to and then […]

1910’s Antique Blouse patch repairs

This fine crepe blouse dating from probably the 1910s had two small holes, one under each shoulder. Using careful hand-stitching, we managed to patch both.

1920’s Vintage dress button repairs

The buttons and button hoops at the back neck closure of this stunning 1930s gown were in a sorry state, and the buttons (probably replacements) set too closely together and overlapping. We removed one of the 5 hoops to better space out the 4 remaining, and repositioned the buttons accordingly.

1950s couture jacket silk relining

This couture – and therefore hand finished – jacket’s original lining was dirty and ripped in places. The client wanted to replace the original creamy white with a grey shade. We unpicked the original lining, using this as template for the new and inserted the new lining.

Theatrical red jacket buttons repair

As well as vintage, we often see items which have been used on stage. This jacket needed the buttons sewn on and realigned to be worn as a normal piece of clothing

1950s vintage dress armhole repairs

The armholes of this 1950s cotton day dress were frayed and dirty. We tidied both up and used bias binding to refresh and secure the armholes further.

1950s vintage wedding dress shortening

Often wedding dresses come to us needing a lot of things doing: this was no exception with side alterations, re-stitching on of the rose, and a new zip all on the list of necessities. However, shortening the 4 skirt layers were what made the biggest impact. We shortened each layer seperately to increase the […]