1940s gown with added on train

Jessica needed her 1940s gown customised for the Baftas, and asked if we could add a train to it, along with general alterations. Having found a suitable fabric to go with the original crepe, we designed a 3 tier train by redesigning the front slit and adding on two new panels for the train.

1980s peplum dress shortening

Fun 1980s dress needed shortening and the skirt slit repaired as it had torn – this is a problem we often see and is usually due to it being too short for the owner. We shortened the skirt and adjusted the split accordingly.

1960s vintage shift dress hem and neckline alterations

We were asked by Dawn Porter to help with some alterations for her personal collection, and this shift dress needed the neckline lowering, and hem shortening. The neck opening was done with an interface lining, so we lowered both to get the new neckline shape and used a hem marker to ensure a straight […]

CC41 vintage WW2 coat shortening

Genuine wool CC41 coat needed shortening to remove damage at the bottom. Using a hem marker we ensured the right length was taken off.

Vintage wool cape shortening

Wonderful wool cape from the 1960s needed shortening and the fussy border removed. Using a hem marker we ensured the cape would hang straight, and shortened using a wide hem.

1960s vintage wedding dress repairs

Angela’s 1960s dress needed cleaning and letting out at the top, especially as it has a zip which was rusted stuck. It also needed the hem straightened as it had previously been shortened quite badly.

1930s sequin blush wedding dress alterations

This beautiful dress was to be a wedding dress but needed careful letting out around the waist, and the hem tidied up as it was very uneven.