Collar on 1940s crepe repair

This stunning dress was a mail-order repair where we were sent the dress and did all correspondence over email and phone. The chiffon collar was in a sorry state and needed replacing. Unpicking the existing bias, we matched up the original pattern of the collar which the bias edging was reattached to and then […]

1940s gown with added on train

Jessica needed her 1940s gown customised for the Baftas, and asked if we could add a train to it, along with general alterations. Having found a suitable fabric to go with the original crepe, we designed a 3 tier train by redesigning the front slit and adding on two new panels for the train.

Yellow flowers cotton skirt to sun dress

Our client loved the fabric but did not like the style of the skirt, and asked if we could convert into a sun dress. A few fitting consultations later, we had a cute sweetheart neckline finished with bias, a side zip and gathered skirt.

1920’s Vintage dress button repairs

The buttons and button hoops at the back neck closure of this stunning 1930s gown were in a sorry state, and the buttons (probably replacements) set too closely together and overlapping. We removed one of the 5 hoops to better space out the 4 remaining, and repositioned the buttons accordingly.

Polkadot Horrockses dress waist let-out

Liz had a Horrockses dress with a 24″ waist and asked if we could extend it at all. We had to shorten the skirt from the top, unpicking the skirt from the bodice, let out a few darts in the top, and adjusted the zip accordingly.

Green Horrockses 1950s dress bodice shortening

Liz brought us this 1950s cotton Horrockses dress, which was too long on the body and asked if we could shorten it, despite the back zip. We took off the skirt, unpicked the zip as necessary, removed the excess fabric in the bodice,  put the skirt back on, and re-attached the zip.

1980s peplum dress shortening

Fun 1980s dress needed shortening and the skirt slit repaired as it had torn – this is a problem we often see and is usually due to it being too short for the owner. We shortened the skirt and adjusted the split accordingly.

1960s vintage shift dress hem and neckline alterations

We were asked by Dawn Porter to help with some alterations for her personal collection, and this shift dress needed the neckline lowering, and hem shortening. The neck opening was done with an interface lining, so we lowered both to get the new neckline shape and used a hem marker to ensure a straight […]

1960s crimplene dress neckline alteration

1960’s ‘crimplene’ dress had a high neckline which our client wanted lowered. We took it down 5cms, replicating the original finishes.

Vintage Brocade Dress bodice lengthening

This 1950s vintage brocade dress had a very high waist, as typical of the era. Our client wanted the bodice¬†elongated for a better fit, but as there was little seam allowance on the waist seam, we inserted a panel in red, to match the red in the brocade. we also removed the front bow, […]

1950s vintage dress armhole repairs

The armholes of this 1950s cotton day dress were frayed and dirty. We tidied both up and used bias binding to refresh and secure the armholes further.

1960s vintage wedding dress repairs

Angela’s 1960s dress needed cleaning and letting out at the top, especially as it has a zip which was rusted stuck. It also needed the hem straightened as it had previously been shortened quite badly.

1970s does 1940s vintage wedding dress sleeve alterations

Anna’s wedding was in the summer, but she had fallen for a long sleeved dress, so asked if we could shorten the sleeves. We suggested keeping the design in keeping with the belt sash, and used a matching satin band for edging on the new cap sleeves.

1950s vintage wedding dress let out with panels

This was a very small 1950s wedding dress with an extremely small waist and needed letting out more than the seam allowance would enable. We added panels to the sides and sleeves and let out the gathered skirt to the new waist circumference.

1950s ensemble of dress and bolero

An ensemble consisting of a sleeveless dress and matching bolero needed a few simple alterations to open up the neckline of the dress, which we did by inserting some darts. The bolero needed the sleeves tidied up and lengthened, resolved with attaching a silk band trim matching the existing trim on the jacket hem.

Vintage lace wedding dress back redesign

Arwen’s wedding dress had a back she wasn’t keen on and a elastic hem at the back she wanted to conceal. She preferred a halterneck, and we managed to reuse the existing straps for a halterneck, and the lace back pieces to create a detachable ‘flounce’ for the low back seam concealment.

1930s sequin blush wedding dress alterations

This beautiful dress was to be a wedding dress but needed careful letting out around the waist, and the hem tidied up as it was very uneven.