We offer a comprehensive range of alterations and repairs, and during your fitting we will discuss the best option for your individual garment. We therefore operate a strict By Appointment Only service in order to provide you with the attention and care we pride ourselves on. Appointments can be booked via the website, by sending us an email with more details on your piece via the ‘Contact Us’ section, or by calling the studio on 020 7388 5924. 

Below is an outline of some of the services we provide – please also see our ‘Gallery’ section for pictures of our work.

Please also note:

  • our minimum charge is £15
  • non-vintage/non-repro works carry a 20% surcharge
  • we advocate responsible consumption and sustainable and slow fashion, and therefore reserve the right to turn away work on fast fashion pieces



Repairs on 1920s dress to mend armholes

No matter how hopeless your precious vintage piece seems, fret not: We will do our very best to get it wearable again.

Some of our most frequent repairs include:

  • Broken zip replacements in dresses and skirts
  • Mending rips and tears
  • Patching frail fabric or where parts are missing
  • Sewing on or replacing buttons
  • Adding hook/eyes or snap fasteners so garments do up
  • Changing loose or broken elastic

We also offer our unique seam-reinforcement service checks over your garment and reinforces fragile and/or split seams at all stress points.

We use genuine vintage parts when requested, such as metal zips, or vintage buttons. Zips are charged according to length (£15-£25) but please contact us for a full quote.


Alteration to 1960s dress with a chunk of skirt missing to become a mini dress


Vintage clothes fit can differ greatly from what we are used to today, making an otherwise great item feel a little awkward – which is where our vintage alterations expertise really makes a difference.

Our alterations services include a personal fitting and discussion with you, so we can use the best method to achieve the best fit for you. We aim to ‘do things properly’ such as by measuring hem lines from the floor up and shortening coats by doing the alterations on the inside rather than just folding up the hem. We always aim to make your item look natural and not altered and use a wide range of methods being it letting out darts or pleats, moving zips or letting out seams.

However, we do understand that sometimes you just want a ‘quick fix’ and if you prefer this, just let us know.

Hems are usually £15-25 (more if lined or full/circle skirts) and full resizes £60-80, but please contact us for a full quote.

Customisation & Restyles


Removed ripped collar on 1940s dress for an easier-to-wear dress

Love the dress but hate the sleeves? Neckline too high? Or maybe you want to transform a dress into a skirt or a jumpsuit into a pair of trousers? We have done it all and more besides.

More comprehensive than alterations, customisations and restyles are a more radical approach; for example if your vintage garment is beyond repair on the top or bottom, but there may be a way to reincarnate a dress into a top or skirt.

Speak to us about what can be done to make your garment perfect for your style and preferences. We always endeavour to stay as true to the spirit of the original piece as possible, but wearable too.


Whether a replacement of an old lining, repairs of the existing lining or adding a lining where none was before, we can help: jackets, capes, coats, skirts and dresses can all be given a new lease of life. A new lining starts from £40 (plus fabric) for skirts and around £70 for jackets/coats, but naturally varies according to the style of the garment. Contact us for a full quote.

Vintage Bridal

Splendid Stitches have helped many a vintage bride obtaining the perfect fit or undertaking crucial repairs before the big day. From shortening of hems over restyles of sleeves to adding linings or replacing zips, we offer a comprehensive service for vintage bridal alterations and repairs, and have the privilege of undertaking fittings in the luxurious Atelier Tammam, which also stocks a wide range of vintage bridal accessories.
Our rates are very competitive and all work is carried out with highest level of craftmanship and care. Please note we usually want to see you for your first fitting app. 3-5 months prior to your wedding but please see the ‘Vintage Bridal’ section for more details on this service.

Vintage Fur alterations, restoration and cleaning

Fur, and especially vintage fur, requires both specialist equipment and in-depth knowledge of pelts in order to carry out proper alterations or repairs. We have teamed up with brilliant furrier Rebecca Bradley and offer alterations, restyling, re-linings, restoration and cleaning of vintage furs.

Dry Cleaning

We partner with a number of established dry cleaners with long track records working with vintage and can recommend the best for your needs. Please note we are only able to manage the dry cleaning process for bridal gowns.


For an accurate estimate, please fill in the contact form in the ‘Contact’ section, adding a photo if possible. Alternatively, drop us a line on info@splendidstitches.co.uk 

By the very nature of vintage each piece of clothing is different, and the price of repairs or alterations depend on many factors: style, level of detailing, and of course what works need doing to ensure the best fit. The easiest thing is for you to drop us a line, preferably with a  photo, and short description of what you would need – eg. replace zip, shorten hem or taking in sides.

Bridal consultations are charged at £25, which will be offset against any work we undertake for you.

We are open one weekend per month. Weekend fittings are charged a non-refundable £20 and must be booked at least 7 days in advance.

If you miss a booked fitting or collection, we charge £5 (if less than 24 hours notice given). This will be added to the final bill.

Our standard turnaround time is 1 week for 1 garment. Quicker turnaround is sometimes available, and carries a surcharge of 25% for 3 days and 50% for 1 day (this service is not available at weekends).